The Private-Sale date is currently TBD and is targeted in Q1 2019 until further notice.

JWC Blockchain Ventures TrackICO rating

TrackICO 5/5.0

ICObench 4.3/5.0

JWC Ventures ICO rating

ICOMarks 8.4/10

JWC Ventures ICO rating

ICOChannels 100/100

Advantages for JWC contributors

Early access to JWC portfolio companies blockchain solutions; TGEs of this company allow fast exit within months instead of years

Crypto-contributors of any size with low entry threshold

High liquidity from JWC tokens on multiple crypto exchanges

Advanced technology and business resources focus on economy of scale in blockchain solution implementations through JWC Lab

Diversification: Thanks to preliminary work on selection of the fund's portfolio companies, JWC partner with a set of disruptive/profitable/stable companies, minimizing default risk.

Secured, decentralized and privately owned JWC e-wallets

Ethereum ignites crowdfunding

JWC Blockchain Ventures is comprised of fund managers, serial entrepreneurs and renowned scientists who move toward robust blockchain solution and tokenization service ecosystem to leverage promising companies & TGEs from Europe to Asia. We sight opportunities in e-commerce, global logistics, biotech, advanced technology and social value.

Blockchain is not just about distributed ledger

At JWC, our values are what make us different from other investment funds. We strongly believe blockchain-based companies will be the game-changer in few years’ time, in the same way disruptive technology has changed today’s internet to be more efficient, transparent and secure.

E-commerce is not just doing commerce online

In the industrial revolution 4.0, the decentralized world starts at dawn. From e-commerce, global logistics, biotech, AI & machine learning to social projects, blockchain has empowered every field. Venture capital has to transform to take advantage of this technology.

TGE is not just a hype

Reinventing the way entrepreneurs & co-founders approach the investment fund, TGE will soon take over the current prominent VC trend. With global expertise in early stage investment & advisory service, we support founders and innovators to launch their TGEs successfully and embrace the first-mover challenge.


JWC Lab provides decentralized platform with three fundamental tools
to effectively deploy disruptive solutions to target industries. We promote the rise of tokenization services ecosystem across the globe.

JWC Lab's Fundamental tools

Multi-cryptocurrency Payment Solution

A complete open cross-border global payment architecture with a set of well-defined and unique blockchain service object protocols

Loyalty reward SYSTEM

Membership program at JWC community foundation that incentivizes customer retention with token redemption across our ecosystem and beyond.

Enhanced Smart Contract with Multisig module

Companies can issue their own tokens based on JWC Token Protocol Standards to facilitate their industry solutions and loyal community growth.

Solutions by Industries


Our industry experts will support companies raising funds through their token development and sale campaign, while applying the good aspects of the traditional VC approach.

e-Commerce ecosystem

Providing blockchain ecosystem solutions to our portfolio companies supporting functions in areas of payment, telco, logistics and warehouse management.


Providing an open last mile logistics platform to tackle inefficiency issues and to empower local untapped resources.


The next generation of soybeans has been developed with non-GMO technology and blockchain solution will make eveything from farm to table crystal-clear.


Advanced technology will make the solutions to all major industries smarter. In addition, the decentralized network approach will support sustainable growth.


At JWC, we believe that blockchain is a fundamental technology that unleash many social impact solutions to solve global challenges.





Token name JWC

Blockchain platform Ethereum

Ethereum ERC20 token.

Total initial token sale supply 1 billion JWC

Purchase methods accepted: ETH.

1 ETH = 10,000 JWC



JWC Ventures team has years of experiences as founders, executives, directors, board members, and financial advisors of companies in various industries. In 2016, JWC Blockchain Ventures cooperated with Caganu, a blockchain-enabled Online-to-Offline (O2O) pioneer in Southeast Asia. For the past 6 months, we have supported SoyTech, MileFast, and Lee Sandwiches to develop their blockchain applications and their tokenization strategy.

100B USD

Disrupting last-mile delivery services

Sharing Economy

Empower people with AI, Machine Learning, Big Data and Crowdsourcing

Open platform

User-friendly mobile app integrating with Micro-warehouses, Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles and drones


Average number of orders per day

Top 50

Among largest food suppliers in U.S. Established since 1983


Plan to grow more stores in U.S. and global with franchise model


Team size

115B USD

Global soybean market revolution

Genetic Biotech patent

Game-changing genetic biotech patent of non-GMO soybean


Investment in blockchain to solve food security and transparency


Orders served by Caganu in 2016


Caganu’s revenue growth plan of 200% year-to-year in the next 5 years


Satellite warehouse network plan


Team size


Our token sale has 2 stages.
Join the first blockchain revolution for tokenization service now!

Private Sale


+ 3 %
  • Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 JWC
  • 300m JWC Tokens
  • Minimum purchase 100 ETH
  • Maximum purchase 1,000 ETH
  • Affilate Bonus 5%

Public Sale


+ 1 %
  • Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 JWC
  • 700m JWC Tokens
  • Minimum purchase 0.2 ETH
  • Maximum purchase 50 ETH
  • Affilate Bonus 5%

Technological perfection

Smart Contract Wallet
PCI-DSS Certification
Manageable Limits (daily, single)
Multisig Wallet
Real-time Fraud Monitoring
Technical and Financial Audit

Team Members & Advisors

The JWC Blockchain Ventures team has proven capabilities and extensive experiences in successful investment and management career

Frank Saviane

General Partner, Europe

Manager of Financial Services Unit at Goldman Sachs, London, the leading investment bank, securities company and investment manager based in all major financial centers in the world. Goldman Sachs has headquarters in New York and a market cap up to 96 billion USD. Frank is Founder and CEO of Fast Forward Advisors (FFA), which has worked with over 50 startups in Europe on call and development. FFA supports startup calls with a total capital of over 50 million USD. He is Vice President of Financial Services at TIS Innovation Park and Vice Chair of the European Alliance for Innovation in Brussels. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Cambridge University.

Luca Mohammadi

General Partner, Asia

IT Manager of the Piaggio Group, which manufactures and distributes two types of motorized wheeled vehicles and commercial vehicles under seven brands: Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Derbi and Scarabeo. The Piaggio Group has 6 research and development centers and operations in over 50 countries with 7053 employees. The company has turnover of about €1.3 million and a market capitalization up to €1.1 billion in 2017. Luca is South East Asia Branch Manager of Fast Forward Advisors (FFA). He is Group CFO at TEKY Academy, the top 10 most influential and social projects of the Australian Leadership Program - ASEAN Prospects (A2ELP). He co-founded Chemycal and Caza.vn, and is also Co-founder and Project Manager of Bootwise.

Matthew Brandt

Investment Advisor

Extensive past investment experiences as Operating Partner (COO) at SILK Ventures which is a 500 million USD alignment focused on cross border investments, headquartered in London. SILK has LP, GP and Strategic agreements with SASAC Shenzhen, which has control of the 1.5 trillion USD and is the branch of the State Council’s asset control arm providing tech bridge to China. Mr. Brandt was General Partner (GP)/Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Global China Holdings partnering with a NYC based Family Office which had acted as principal in over 200 acquisitions and other investments totaling 3 billion USD in value with transaction sizes ranging from 2 million USD to 150 million USD. Mr. Brandt was responsible for generating proprietary China Private Equity deal flow and for all China Private Equity related oversight regarding operational value add.

Luan Nguyen

General Partner, US
Chief Crypto Architect and Officer

Dr. Nguyen was employed for 16 years with IBM, in which he held positions as Chief Technology Officer and Senior Business Consultant. He also held the title of Solution Architect of IBM Global Services, which is the world's largest technology consulting and technology company with more than 380,000 customer service staff in 170 countries. His responsibility included applying advanced technologies from IBM Research toward IBM Global Services solutions for Fortune 500 global companies. IBM Research has identified the future of information technology with more than 3,000 researchers in 12 laboratories located on six continents. The company operates 300 offices in 170 countries, had revenues of 80 billion USD in 2016 and a market capitalization of 150 billion USD. He is the CEO/President of MileFast.com (Blockchain for Logistics). MileFast provides the last mile logistics open platform solution that exploits the logistics global market of 15.5 trillion USD by 2023. Dr. Luan Nguyen is a serial entrepreneur, business leader, and AI/ML/Blockchain scientist with over 30 years of extensive experiences in various businesses and technology senior roles.

Dr. Sheraz Majeed

Health Care Blockchain Advisor

Dr Sheraz Majeed is the Co-Founder of Global Blockchain Consortium (GBC) involving with Blockchain Technology. He is a Medicine Consultant in Ellenor Hospice in Kent. He has been working for the UK's National Health Service (NHS) for 15 years and has been teaching junior doctors and medical students. NHS shares out and distribute more than £100 billion pension funds for patients and the tax payer in England. He is a Cryptocurrency Advisor/Teacher. He is the keynote speaker on Blockchain use case for healthcare systems, Healthcare solutions and healthcare industry, on healthcare integrating AI, IOT and Blockchain, and on proving solutions and revolutionising Healthcare through Blockchain Technology. Future advisor and consultant on Healthcare solutions ICOs in US and Germany.

Dr. Henry

Agriculture & Biogenetics Technology Advisor

Dr. Henry Nguyen is the Vice President of the Global Plant Council organization. He secured over 49 million USD research fund from federal agencies (USDA, NSF, NIH) and billion-dollar industry leaders (Syngenta, Rockefeller, McKnight). He is a Curators' distinguished professor of genetics and earned a Ph.D. in plant breeding and genetics from the University of Missouri, USA. Co-founder of SoyTech Alliance in Missouri, USA which has been established since 2008 with a focus on soybean technology and global opportunities. SoyTech Alliance aims to work with international partners to target 500 million USD investments in infrastructure, logistics and agricultural commodity trading with US and China entities. Its business goal is to evolve the 115 billion USD global soybean market and it has a 5 million USD investment plan for the development of blockchain technology to enable a transparent global food system. He has served as director of the U.S. National Center for Soybean Biotechnology. He has published more than 260 articles and has contributed 35 book chapters.

Nathan Williams

TGE advisor

Nathan Williams is the founder of Minespider, a blockchain platform for tracking conflict-free minerals. Minespider transform supply chain due diligence from a service that is performed into a commodity that is purchased. The company market is roughly 4.25 billion USD and it operates in the 1.7 trillion USD mining industry. He is a Canadian blockchain entrepreneur based in Berlin, Germany. Nathan is founder of NW HinWise Solutions UG, a software development company that builds other companies. He is also founder and managing director of Subvise, a software and automated solutions to assist companies with EU REACH chemical regulation. In Blockchain community, Nathan cohosts an audio show exploring the world of blockchain and crypto for thousands of non-technical subscribers twice a week, called the Analysis in Chains podcast.

Jeff Tang

Advisor on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Jeff Tang is an action-oriented tech professional with perceptive and enthusiastic about life. With more than 10 year experience in the fields of eSports development and user experience enhancement, he is recognized for his ability to observe customer insights and transverse into business opportunities, thus to create innovative business synergies.
Jeff is the early investor for an EU company named UltraPlay, which is now the market leader for eSports odds service provider, their product (odds.gg) just awarded as Best B2B Digital Production solution in G2EAsia Macao, 17th May 2018.
Graduated with Civil and Structure Engineering in 2001 and Master Degree in Environment Engineering in in 2010 from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, this shapes Jeff as professionally strong in problem solving with prospective business vision. His strong international perspective across China and the world has led him to develop vertical social network around the world.
In addition to his career success, Jeff devotes himself in the community. He has been the president and various positions in the international lions club of Singapore during the last 10 years.
Jeff currently is the Co-Founder of CoininAsia and BitAsiaEx, and CEO for BitAsiaEx.

Dr. Joseph Wang

Dr. Joseph Wang - Hong Kong Market Advisor

Dr. Joseph Wang is chief scientist of Bitquant Research Laboratories, a small Hong Kong-based financial technology research laboratory. Bitquant does research and consulting in crypto hedge funds, and ICO's. It also participates in small high-tech lending, Africa trading, digital currency derivatives, blockchain, and financial regulation analysis. Dr. Wang is also attempting to link the financial and physics communities to fix the financial system that died in 2008 and to get humanity off of the planet. Dr. Wang holds a Ph.D. in computational astrophysics from the University of Texas at Austin and a bachelor of physics from MIT. Before leaving to focus on promoting entrepreneurship and advanced technology in Hong Kong, he worked as vice-president in the quantitative research division of JPMorgan both in Hong Kong and at its corporate headquarters in New York City. Dr. Wang also has done direct software developments in both Forture 500 and small startup companies in the Silicon Hills region of Central Texas.

Richard Seow

Richard is Director at SBI E2 Family Advisors. He has more than 25 years of Commercial Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Business Development experience having successfully led global, multi-disciplinary teams across numerous Fortune 500 as well as Venture, PE and Listed companies. Prior to SBI E2 Family Advisors, he was the VP at Carlton James Group, an UK Private Equity in Commercial Real Estate. He was also the VP of Asia Sales with Emerson Corporation’s Network Power. Past endeavors also include leading Asia Sales & Marketing at SMART Modular Technologies (acquired by Silver Lake Partners from TPG Capital). Previously, he also served as General Manager of Kyocera Corporation's Interconnect Products and General Manager of Solectron's subsidiary (Acquired by Flextronics). Richard also held senior management positions at IBM Microelectronics as Singapore Country Manager, Freescale Semiconductor (Acquired by NXP) and AT&T Corporation.

Chi Duc Ngo

Mr. Chi Duc Ngo is currently our JWC Global Technology Advisor. Prior to this role, Mr. Chi has been Senior Vice President of Hitachi Consulting Vietnam and CEO of Global CyberSoft JSC in Vietnam. Before this, Mr. Chi had been Chief Executive Officer of Global CyberSoft, Inc. in US. In past 18 years, Chi has built up Global CyberSoft (GSC) as a technology power-house based company with 1200+ software architects, software engineers and developers. GCS achieved many highest international quality certifications and successfully completed 1000+ projects in 18 countries with 100% customer satisfaction. Before that, Chi held the position of R&D Manager, Head of the New Technologies department at Spacebel, a Belgian company, specializing in software development for Space Industry, particularly for the European Space Agency, has more than twelve years of experience in R&D, software development and consulting for space industry. Before Spacebel, he spent twelve years developing software for core operating system and for telecommunication industry. Chi has particular interests in developing computer-vision and hyperspectral solutions for Food Safety, Smart Agriculture; he has been developing Predictive Maintenance for different industries using IIoT, AI, and Big Data. Chi holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Nuclear Physics from University of Liege (Belgium).


Tuan Trong Nguyen

JWC Lab Director M.S. EE

Tung Minh Dam

Senior Technical Staff
Ph.D. in Computer Engineering

M.S. in Information and
Communication Engineering

South Korea

Lam Phu Nguyen

Senior Technical Staff Member

An Duc Vo

Senior Technical Staff Member

Ph.D in Complex System Modeling and Simulation

M.S. in Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia


Tuan Quoc Truong

Senior Technical Staff Member

Anh Ngoc Le

Senior Blockchain Developer

Dat Tan Phung

Senior Blockchain Developer

Viet Quoc Tran

Senior Blockchain Developer

Team experiences


  • Late 2014

  • Complete
    Recognized tokenization opportunities in Blockchain
  • 2016

  • 2016 - Complete
    Cooperated with strategic partners
  • 2017

  • Q1-2017 - Complete
    TGE team formation + Investments in R&D
  • Q2-2017 - Complete
    Portfolio milestones and document preparation
  • Q3-2017 - Complete
    • Token, Smart Contract, MultiSig wallet creation º
    • Identify potential portfolio companiesº
  • Q4-2017 - Complete
    JWC token contributor wallet creation - Quality and Stress test
  • 2018

  • 2018
    Developing 9 Blockchain Solution for 9 portfolio JWC Companies
  • 2019

  • Q1-2019
    TGE project preparation
  • Q2/Q3-2019
    • Target for exchanges listing º
    • Open US, Asia & Europe offices º
    • Set up JWC token integration framework º
  • Q3/Q4-2019
    • TGE of first portfolio company
    • Multi-cryptocurrency payment solutions beta release
    • Design JWC blockchain for tokenization service ecosystem
  • Q4-2019
    • Identify additional 6 out of 20 portfolio companies to do TGE serially º
    • Design Proof of Authority consensus º
    • Design second layers for JWC blockchain infrastructure º
  • Plan 2020

  • Q1-2020
    • Scale up deployments with strategic industry partners º
    • Establish JWC blockchain’s testnet with atomic cross-chain transfer º
    • Develop Proof of Authority consensus º
  • Q2-2020
    • Loyalty reward system deployment
    • JWC token integration on JWC testnet
    • Cross-chain smart contract integration
  • Q3-2020
    • Target to double value of asset under management º
    • JWC blockchain public release º
    • JWC token protocol standard º
    • Portfolio company’s Dapps integration º
  • Q4-2020
    • E-commerce ecosystem: logistics, telco & warehouse management
    • Open source of the JWC Lab's fundamental tools
    • APIs for partner and developer
  • Plan 2021

  • 2021 and onwards
    New project portfolio and blockchain solutions for other industries

The roadmap is proposed by JWC team based on current limited resources. Growth in capital and human resources will speed up the progress. Due to the recent volatile movements of crytography market and government’s TGE regulation, JWC Blockchain Ventures reserves the right to change the specifc dates and the defined roadmap to protect existing JWC contributors.

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